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Bespoke software

For decades desktop applications have ruled the world of software enabled businesses and, despite of the high level of competition from web apps, there is still a place for good desktop software. Desktop applications are unsurpassed in terms of convenience, privacy control and performance. Also they are more traditional for the enterprise environment that has strict corporate policies.


Our core competency is cross platform software development and enabling communications & network connectivity for individual products to complete systems.
We have extensive experience in the development of embedded software, including custom applications, middleware, APIs, drivers and communications / network connectivity options.
Our development experience spans from simple single board devices to complex, network connected, distributed, real time systems.


As a web based customer service and support partner, SunLine Solution has been able to successfully alter businesses for the better. SunLine is best described as a business process outsourcing company specializing in the fields of Data Entry, Catalog Processing and E Commerce. Ever since our inception our focus has been in providing our clients with services that is reliable and cost effective.
Constancy has been the key for SunLine and we maintain that by meeting all requirements of our client by hiring professionals in the field. Our employees are trained to exude a customer focused attitude in every job undertaken and our project management techniques allow us to assess and mange projects better. Keeping in mind that our services can also be rendered to small and medium sized firms, each of our services are reasonably priced.